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Raymond Dattilo, M.D.

Vascular Disease Specialist,
Dr. Raymond Dattilo

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Raymond Dattilo, Vascular Disease Specialist, to Clay County Medical Center. Beginning December 6, Dr. Dattilo will see patients in our Specialty Clinic on the first Tuesday and the third Wednesday of the month.

Dr. Dattilo is Board-Certified in Endo-Vascular Medicine, specializing in treatments of people with vascular diseases. This is a broad category that includes disorders of the arteries and veins. When he opened his clinic in 2013 the goal was to prevent limb amputations. Diabetics, in particular, are at risk of limb amputation in part because of the blockages they develop in the arteries that supply the lower extremities, and the feet. There are over 100,000 amputations in the U.S. annually and many of these are preventable. He also noticed that many patients after having heart angioplasty, when referred for cardiac rehab, could not walk very long on the treadmill; the problem was blocked arteries in the legs. He went on to get additional training to treat these patients, debilitated from the pain and decreased blood flow that can lead to limb amputation.

In addition to treating blocked arteries, he treats diseases of the veins. Venous disease is actually more common than arterial disease and often manifests as swelling of the legs, painful varicose veins or leg wounds. These problems can be treated with procedures such as vein ablation- burning or cauterizing of the veins, microphlebectomy – removal of veins, and vein stenting – opening of veins using mesh tubing, when necessary.

Dr. Dattilo stated, “The physicians at Clay Center have been very supportive of me from the beginning so I feel like having a clinic there is a way to make vascular care more convenient for patients with vascular disease. I anticipate working closely with Clay County Medical Center so patients can have their diagnostic studies and wound care done locally.”

Dr. Dattilo completed his residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, received his medical degree from Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, and completed his undergraduate work at University of Pennsylvania. We look forward to bringing his specialized services to our patients.