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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

The Physical Therapy department at Clay County Medical Center is excited to announce the recent certification of Aaron Proctor, DPT and Alicia Crowl, DPT in Blood Flow Restriction Therapy. 

BFRT is a safe exercise technique which applies an external pressure, similar to a blood pressure cuff. By reducing blood flow, positive effects allow for increased muscle growth and strength without having to lift heavy weights, which can be painful or difficult. This technique manipulates the body’s circulatory system, and when combined with exercise, produces rapid gains in strength and fitness using light weights. This type of therapy is individualized for each patient.

“The technique can be utilized for many of our patients, particularly after surgeries such as ACL reconstructions, joint replacements, and rotator cuff repairs and injuries of the arms or legs such as Achilles’ tendinitis, ankle sprains, or muscle strains,” according to Aaron Proctor, DPT at Clay County Medical Center.  

Another advantage to this type of therapy is its ability to help patients prevent disuse atrophy (weakness). Blood Flow Restriction Therapy helps make notable strength gains earlier in the rehabilitation process, with lesser resistance, in a shorter period of time than traditional exercise, which is often delayed after surgery or injury due to pain and the inability to properly resist exercise movements. 

At CCMC, we strive to stay current and the Blood Flow Restriction Therapy is another opportunity to improve the recovery experiences of our patients. For more information about this type of therapy, please contact the physical therapy department at CCMC 785-632-2144.