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CCMC Installs New CT Scanner

Clay County Medical Center (CCMC) has installed and begun utilizing a new Philips Ingenuity Elite 128-Slice CT. This new CT offers high resolution imaging, coupled with a significantly reduced radiation dose for our patients. “The utilization of this state-of-the-art CT will help fulfill our endeavor of providing our medical providers and their patients with the finest imaging possible,” said Austin Gillard, CEO of CCMC.

Other advantages of the new CT are faster scanning speeds, which reduces the chance of patient motion and requires shorter breath holds.  The new CT also has the advantage of offering lower radiation exposure compared to conventional CT scanners. Faster image reconstruction speeds will save up to 15 minutes on trauma patients.

The CT suite has been completely rebuilt to accommodate the new CT including new HVAC systems and backup emergency power. This project required attention to underground conduits for wiring and an eight inch thick concrete slab to support the weight and torque of the high speed gantry of the CT. The CT suite also receive an upgrade to the cooling capacity of the suite. The cool air supplied to the room has redundancy to assure the CT is kept at the optimum temperature at all times. The CT is now closer to the Emergency Department and ambulance bay.

All seven radiology technologists at CCMC have received training on the new scanner and the independent work station used for image processing.  CCMC believes that this new CT will provide the hospital’s patients with the very best service available, as well as providing our medical providers with outstanding visual referencing.