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CT Scanner

This month, Clay County Medical Center purchased a significant upgrade to their Philips Brilliance CT Scanner.  Previous software upgrades addressed compliance and improved reliability. This recent change vastly improves image quality and provides the lowest radiation dose possible for the patient.

Employees have been attending in-house training sessions, learning how to manipulate scanning techniques for each type of scan performed at CCMC.  This new technology is particularly helpful for patients with orthopedic implants such as hip or shoulder replacements.  The technologist is able to manipulate the machine so the implant and adjacent tissues can be better interpreted by the radiologist.
In Radiology, any exam using radiation must adhere to ALARA.  That is an acronym for As-Low-As-Reasonably-Achievable.  The decision to purchase these upgrades is reflective of the focus on patient centered care at Clay County Medical Center.  Each decision made by the board of trustees, medical staff, radiologists, and technologists gives patient experience and patient outcome top priority.