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Wakefield School Student’s Artwork on Display

Wakefield School students from kindergarten to grade 12 submitted works of art that are now on display in the dining room at Clay County Medical Center. A strong showing of fifty-two pieces from students taught by Mrs. Deb Hammond will be on display until March 9, 2017. 

The arts teach children to make good judgments about qualitative relationships, that problems can have more than one solution that questions can have more than one answer, that in complex forms of problem solving purposes are seldom fixed, and arts make vivid the fact that neither words in their literal form not numbers exhaust what we can know. The limits of our language do not define the limits of our cognition. The arts help children learn to say what cannot be said. When children are invited to disclose what a work of art helps them feel, they must reach into their poetic capacities to find the words that will do the job. The arts’ position in the school curriculum symbolizes to the young what adults believe is important.

Kindergarten: Issy Doza, Archer Schlereth, Kristy Ellis and Charles Welborn.
First Grade: Maria Kim, Jameson Scanlon and Mallie Brown.
Second Grade: Aidan Werner and Duane Ellis.
Third Grade: Cheyeanne Balderson, Mason Schlereth, Ashley McIntire, Tess Isaac and Jayla Ragan.
Fourth Grade: Hope Wilson, Maggie Brown and Emili Brewer.
Fifth Grade: McKaley Chambers, Jadney Oswald,  Sienna Severson, Kemper Schlereth,  Jaiden Visser, Summer Benavides and  Abby Welborn.
Sixth Grade: Erin Flickinger.
Seventh Grade: Aishlynn Bolding, Lauragail Boman, Phoenix Finnegan, Ridley Swader and
Benjamin Hernandez.
Eighth Grade: Hailie Pass, Alec Vann Owens, Michael Clark, Delana Hughes, Elaina Hammond, Nick Judy, Jadyn Pickering and Christina Kroll.
High School: Grace Barrett, Isabelle French, Joanna Wright, and AJ Bond.

CCMC has a special connection to this show as the children of our employees from the Wakefield area are part of this exhibit.  Also, Deb Hammond is the daughter of Doris Callaway, a former employee of Clay Center Family Physicians.