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Meadowlark Hospice

New Fountain at Meadowlark Hospice

A new fountain stands as a way to memorialize those who found care in their final days through Meadowlark Hospice. At regularly scheduled care plan meetings, employees have a moment of silence and prayer for patients who have passed away. The ritual is always the same. Smooth stones are place in a vase by providers involved in the patients care.

The patient’s name is said, followed by the phrase, “We will remember you.” Staff members support one another as they deal with loss in a somber celebration of the patient’s life.

At year’s end, the stones have been placed in the small memorial garden outside of the office. During the dedication ceremony, all of the stones will be gathered from prior years and placed in the Memorial Fountain. Retired and current care givers will be invited to attend.

“My hope is that the fountain can be a gentle reminder of all of those we have cared for and a place to find some peace when needed. I am grateful for a place that is available for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one”, said Amy Burr, Director of Meadowlark Hospice.

The Fountain of Remembrance can be seen in front of the hospice building at 709 Liberty Street, Clay Center, KS.