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Artist influenced by Sci-Fi

Catherine H. Garbarino Artist Statement

I was born April 27, 1987 in Saginaw Michigan, the youngest of four children of MaryHelene and Jim Garbarino, currently of Clay Center, KS.  I graduated from Manhattan High School, received my Associates Degree in Welding Sciences from Manhattan Area Tech, and received my Bachelor in Fine Arts from Emporia State University with a Major in Engraving Arts and a Minor in Art History.

I've been drawing ever since I can recall. I would doodle little bubble-figures in Highlights magazine, pretending to be part of the illustrated stories.  As I grew older, I'd draw whenever I had the chance, on any sheet of paper I could find: The backs of old assignments, grade-sheets, any empty sheet of lined paper in my note books, once I even drew in marker on a test I was in the middle of taking. That did not go over well.

My influences from a very young age were other artists but not any that you'd find in a museum gallery.  My father has an extensive collection of Fantasy/Sci-Fi books and comic books, and as a youngster who couldn't read (and for a while refused to) I'd pull these thick tomes and fragile booklets out and stare at the covers and pictures. The artwork on and in these books struck a chord with me; insane, fearsome creatures and colorful, wild people that only existed between the covers of the book they were painted on. Not being able or willing to read at that point in time, I came up with my own stories for the characters, trying to explain to myself what was going on. As I grew older, the stories I created for these characters formed into stories of my own, and came out in in my drawings.

Movies began to heavily influence my art as well: Star Wars, X-Men, Lord of the Rings, Tron, and a myriad of horror films; within the last few years, pro-wrestling has stepped up to become an equally big influence on my work.

My choice of medium was varied while at Emporia State but is now mainly pencil, pen, marker, and colored pencil, though I am beginning to expand again. My belief is: “You don't need expensive materials to make 'high-art' if you know what you're doing”.  While some of my materials are quality like my colored pencils and my paper, most of my materials are pencils and pens I found on the ground and markers and crayons I bought cheap from the store.

My hope for my artwork is that it inspires someone else, that they look at the images of my characters and creatures in action and come up with their own stories for what's happening rather than have me tell them. My hope is that they create their own worlds and adventures and share them with us.