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Quilt Project

Quilt Project

Quilting is a craft sown into the fabric of America. Surviving quilts from the early to mid-1800s are reminders that quilts are an important part of our heritage. Quilts made from scraps of previously used garments protected people from the cold. Quilts were used as door and window coverings.

New babies were wrapped in quilts when they were born and many young babies were wrapped in a special quilt when they died. The sick and disabled found warmth and comfort within the folds of a quilt. Quilts were used as cushions in a wagon as pioneers traveled west.  Children at play often slung a quilt over a clothesline to make a tent.

Quilt making was a skill that women could enjoy by themselves or as part of a group. Quilting Bees provided relief from the isolation of life on the prairie and allowed some artistic expression. The quilts produced by our ancestors told stories about their daily lives. Every quilt we see today, regardless of when the quilt was made, relates a story. The types of fabrics; pattern chosen for the blocks; signature of the quilters – each tell us about the person who made the quilt.

The quilt made for the newly remodeled Sonogram room tells a story as well.  It was created by employees at Clay County Medical Center. The quilt consists of 30 blocks of burgundy or navy (hospital colors) fabric.  Each block contains an 8-pointed star pattern and each seamstress could choose a pattern for the center.

Nearly twenty employees participated in the project- Some by creating the design, shopping for fabric, making a block, constructing the quilt, donating money, fabric or expertise in machine quilting. The Engineering crew hung the quilt and the Clay County Hospital Foundation purchased the quilt hanger.

Thank you to the following participants:
Sharon Wachsnicht; Vickie Wynn; Vicki Sampson; April Fahey; Joyce Kaul; Mariann Affolter; Naomi Baxter; Angela Cypher; Mary Jo Wurtz; Shandi Slater; Jennifer Sorell; Donna Breeding; Lindsay Jackson; Mary Jensen; Gail Hileman; Deb McNeil; Stacie Charbonneau; Marcia Newell; Cindy Kahrs and Vicki Pfizenmaier, who supervised the quilt design and sewed the blocks together into the pleasing pattern patients will enjoy for years to come.