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Mark A. Chapman Wellness Center

Group Exercise Classes

Whatever your interests or fitness goals are, the Wellness & Fitness Center offers an exercise class to meet your needs. Our professional aerobics instructors are nationally certified and specially trained to provide you with the safest and most exciting aerobics experience possible.

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Cross Train: If you are looking for a class with variety then come join us for Cross Train. Enhance your aerobic capacity, strength, and overall fitness level in this dynamic class.

Dynamic Step: Take the next step in your fitness program! This class involves stepping up and down on an adjustable platform and performing arm movements as well as other strength movements.

Extreme Abs: An incomparable abdominal workout that focuses on strengthening and toning the entire midsection. PILATES: A total body conditioning exercise method of combining flexibility and strength. Pilates helps flexibility, posture, balance, strength, and even helps prevent bone deterioration.

Power Lunch: Come in during and Lunch and let us help you with a quick workout.

Power Sculpt: A free weights class that challenges and sculpts your entire body. Enjoy great music as you squat, press, and curl your way to a better physique. This class will inspire and push you to reach your goals.

Senior Splash: This water fitness class for seniors is designed to please everyone. All levels welcome, as you may go at any pace you prefer. Water resistance provides muscular strengthening and endurance as well as a great cardiovascular workout.

Senior Resistance: A fitness class performed from the luxury of a chair. It incorporates flexibility, strength, coordination, and mind games.

Water Aerobics: An aerobics class in the water. The buoyancy of the water means that aqua classes provide a virtually impact-free cardiovascular workout, significantly reducing stress on the joints and muscle soreness. Because water creates 12 times more resistance than air, aquatic training has great potential for muscle definition.

Rotational Classes

Basic Yoga: Experience the importance of breath work, relaxation, and core enhancing healing poses. Improve strength, flexibility, balance, and increase energy levels. This class is for both men and women of all ages.

L.E.A.P: A fitness class specifically for 4-8 year old children that enhance all aspects of fitness and healthy habits.

Novice Fitness: This class is specifically designed for individuals who are just starting a fitness routine. Exercise with people at the same intermediate level.

Sweat Effect: Experience a unique aerobic class that entails all aspects of fitness including: Body Weight, Body Fat, Nutrition, Interval training, Weight Training, and much more. It is designed to give you the results and push the body in ways to maximize your workout.